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Customer comments

"This is the 2nd company that I've deployed systemhound in and it has been great! It has been the most cost-effective asset management tool we have reviewed."

Neil Quiogue, PopCap Games International

"Here at NASA - Johnson Space Center we found the product to be very beneficial. Our group supports over 50 of the production servers that provide both internal website and applications, and external general public access. Without this tool providing daily audits, our government required auditing would take up an overwhelming amount of our system administrators' resources."

J Cole NASA, Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas

"systemhound is a great product and I highly recommend it. It continues to exceed my expectations."

Clay Perry, Asst. Director of Information Systems Beaufort Memorial Hospital, South Carolina.

"This product is excellent. It saves the techies from doing the most hated job of all - the Hardware/Software audit. A job that usually takes days can be completed in hours. With its easy deployment once installed your records are always up to date. The installation of new machines is made quicker as well by deploying the systemhound client on configuration, put out in the working environment and boom you have all the details your Directors and Managers could ever require."

N Browning, BDO

"Just wanted to say thanks. I've always liked your product, and last week had even more reason to like it. One of our junior techs was tasked with finding a pc that had the virus mimail on it. It turns out that the infected user had gotten the virus through a web-based 3rd party email program providing us with sales leads. When the tech came to me for ideas on finding the infected machine, Systemhound came to mind. I showed him how to set up the plug-ins to query the registry. He set it up, and then exported the software, and found it on his first search! Total time spent, (after training him) was about 10-15 minutes. Great work guys. People keep throwing other products at us, usually in a big suite for $20 a client. I think I'll stick with my favorite, systemhound."

J Harris, Sewell Automotive Companies

"Fantastic product, great price and feature packed! Highly recommend it!"

A Fyfe, First Option

"I absolutely love this product!"

A Calhoun, RT Communications

"I think it is one of the simplest products to install and use in its class and does exactly what is required."

P Holloway, Revlon International

"I love your program! I was originally looking for a software auditing tool, but I know I'll be using your software in my day-to-day support of my users."

C Anders, HighGrove Partners

"Of all the auditing software that I have evaluated it is by far the simplest and easiest to use."

O Portingale, Cabot Communications

"I tried systemhound and after 10 minutes of using it, I decided to buy it!"

C Costa, Protos Clinical Systems

"I think it is a great time saving product. All the info I need at a good price, well done."

M Jenkins, Iles & Campbell

"It's a brilliant product!"

P Milne, Parity Plc

"We purchased System hound in January 2003 and are extremely pleased with the product."

K Shepherd, CompuSmart

"We have recently purchased systemhound as it provides all the reporting we need to prove licensing compliance and provides a good Hardware record of each and every computer."

D Francis, Nilfisk Advance

"Installed the demo server and 2 other client machines in 5 minutes flat! I am very impressed with the level of information systemhound gathers."

D Haughton, Astec Europe

"We evaluated several products, and Systemhound was the best value and met our needs."

M Tibbs, Family & Children's Center, Inc

"We have already purchased a full copy and have found it to be a very useful tool. It was easy to Install and Easy to use."

A Foster, Aquator Group

"Just a quick note to say that we are impressed by Systemhound and find it very easy to use."

D Garioch, John Parker & Son

"We purchased system hound from you about a year ago its working fine and providing a great service."

D Kershaw, Newsquest

"Thanks again for a wonderful tool."

R Hopkins, Citizens National Bank

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