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Software inventory for Microsoft Windows

systemhound is a comprehensive, scalable PC inventory solution for Windows networks. It offers detailed hardware and software inventory reports via a web interface and over your intranet, enabling you to track changes to your infrastructure and ensuring software license compliance.

Latest features!

  • Fantastic graphing and drill down facilities
  • Audits all the latest Windows versions including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2012 and Windows 10
  • Easy stand-alone auditing of disconnected PC's
  • Export customised inventory reports to your favorite spreadsheet application
  • Deployment via MSI Windows Installer technology
  • Decrypt Windows License Keys
  • Report Windows Desktop PC Health

Key Features

Enterprise Hardware Inventory

Shows a summary for each PC in the enterprise with sorting, graphing, searching and drill down options. You can sort by user, by PC, by Operating System, by Manufacturer, by Model, by Memory, by Processor and by date with select and search features by Manufacturer.

Enterprise Software Inventory

Shows all the software installed across the enterprise with the registered user, the version numbers, the manufacturer, the number of copies installed and the number of licenses purchased (if you have entered this) with a warning if more copies are installed than purchased. You can select by manufacturer and search by application, show Windows patches separately, graph the results and drill down to PCs that have specific software/versions installed

Hardware Report by PC

For each PC in the enterprise, full hardware details are shown including monitors, serial numbers, network information, device, printer and database drivers and user defined fields such as department, supplier, date purchased etc. From here you can link to the Software Report or the Hardware or Software Changes for this PC.

Software Report by PC

For each PC, details of each software application found are displayed with the version number and serial number and whether it has been found via Add/Remove, as a service or in the Registry. The database can easily be searched for particular applications and manufacturers.

Hardware Changes

New and removed hardware is shown across the enterprise or for individual PCs for specified date ranges either in total or for selected categorie such as Processor, Disk, Memory or Network.

Software Changes

New, upgraded and removed software is across the enterprise or for individual PCs for specified date ranges either in total or just showing installed or uninstalled software.

Decrypt Windows License Keys

Retrieves Microsoft Windows (non-OEM) license keys to aid you reinstalling.

Monitor PC Health

Report on Windows Update status, firewall and virus scanner via Windows Desktop PC Health.

Software Grouping

Modules of the same software application can be grouped together for reporting. This is "out of the box" for common applications from manufacturers such as Microsoft, Adobe and Lotus, and can also be set up by the user for any other applications.

Gather your own custom information

Interested in a specific piece of custom asset data on machine?
Custom data collection can be configured to retrieve specific entries from registry & Ini files and WMI can be used for advanced asset collection.

Export the database to another tool such as Microsoft Excel, Access or SQL Server

The whole database (hardware and/or software) can be exported via a simple wizard for additional reporting and analysis. In addition, there is an option on most reports to export just that report to CSV.

Auditing non-networked PCs

For PCs that are not on the network, onsite audits can be carried out on CD or flash memory and the data integrated with the main systemhound reports.

Customise the database with user defined fields and notes

For each PC, you can add unlimited additional information. This can be in the form of extra fields such as department, location, asset id, supplier, date purchased etc or as a free format note which could be used for service history or fault recording

Hide non-relevant software

Apart from Windows patches, you can also "hide" selected software from the software reports. This might be used for example when one application has multiple programs .. eg IE Help, IE ReadMe, IE Enhancements, IE Exception Pack.

Detect PCs no longer in audit

By sorting the enterprise hardware report on "date last updated" you can see at a glance those PCs that have not recently been updated on the systemhound database. These could be offline, in repair or maybe just have not been switched on for a period. Any defunct PCs can be deleted from the database with an audit log automatically maintained.

Multiple deployment options

systemhound utilizes Microsoft MSI installer technology and can be deployed from the central server to all/some PCs in the enterprise in a variety of methods:
  • MSI / Active Directory
  • Login Scripts
  • Drive Imaging software

Software detection options

systemhound has multiple options for detecting installed software. Out-of-the-box methods include using Add/Remove Programs, Windows services and the Windows Registry. You can also define "custom software" from the Registry or with a filename and location that may not be picked up by the normal means. This could be used for example for software developed inside your Organization.

Key features
  • Comprehensive Hardware and Software inventory
  • Hardware and Software change reporting
  • Windows Update reporting
  • Variety of deployment options to meet your organizational needs
  • Audit machines connected and disconnected from the network
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Current Version:
Server requirements:
  Server 2008r2, Windows 7/8 & Server 2012
  1 GB RAM
  500 MB Disk space
Client requirements:
  Server 2008r2, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows10 & Server 2012
  1 GB RAM
  100 MB Disk space

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