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systemhound Asset Management PC Pro review
ardware and software inventory are
crucial components of asset tracking
and auditing, yet the majority of
network-management products provide
only basic features and limited accuracy.
True, they do complement these tools
with a host of other valuable features, but
if you want quality inventory you need
to use specialist software such as
Systemhound, which provides some of
the best detail we’ve yet seen. Reporting
is also particularly good, as Systemhound
maintains a website containing all
inventory information, allowing it to be
  systemhound Software Audit PC Pro screenshot
Systemhound sniffs out plenty of workstation
detail andpresents it in a tidy browser interface
  accessed locally or from a remote location.
Installation is a cinch.You simply load the
server component on a designated system and
allow Systemhound to create a website if IIS
is detected. This is the easiest way of using
Systemhound, but you can opt to configure the
website manually or access it using file shares.
Two browser report formats are provided, which
is just as well, as most companies will want
to dispense with the rather juvenile graphics
plastered over the standard report. Space
requirements for the audit database are minimal,
with details for each system using only about
20KB. Each system to be inventoried requires a
small client component installed first, and
deployment for Windows NT, 2000 and XP
systems is fully automated. This is clearly geared
up for large networks, as you can browse a
network and select specific systems, search by
IP address and host name, scan an IP address
range and add the entire contents of a domain or
workgroup to the recipient list. From the user’s
perspective, there’s nothing to see, since the
client runs as a service and contacts the server
at predefined intervals to upload inventory data.
The Systemhound browser interface is
extremely easy to work with, as the home page
  graphics adaptors and so on. Systemhound’s
ability to compare new collections with existing
data and highlight any component changes is
particularly useful. It allows you to keep a closer
eye on the company hardware.
Systemhound excels with software
identification and spotted virtually every
application running on our five test systems.
These are presented in a neat list and clicking
on one will reveal all the systems on which
it’s installed. Simple licence metering may be
implemented by selecting an application from
the web-configuration tools and entering a
licence number, after which Systemhound
will report on any discrepancies, although
only on installed applications and not those
that are active. Data can be extracted from
Systemhound for reporting and a wizard
helps to create CSV files for exporting into
a spreadsheet.
Overall, Systemhound delivers impressive
inventory tools that are extremely easy to
install, configure and manage. If you can ignore
the silly graphics, you’ll find this a useful tool for
keeping track of and reporting on the hardware
and software on your network.
  has two options for viewing hardware or
software details. For the former, each system’s
host name is shown with general system and
OS details and you can drill down deeper on
each system for more information.We were
impressed, as it correctly identified all our test
system’s model names along with the installed
OS, although our two Server 2003 systems
were described as running XP. Selecting a host
provides more details on memory, CPUs, hard
disks and their capacities, network cards,
  systemhound Asset Management PC Pro rating

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