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Software inventory for Microsoft Windows

systemhound is a comprehensive, scalable PC inventory solution for Windows networks. It offers detailed hardware and software inventory reports via a web interface and over your intranet, enabling you to track changes to your infrastructure and ensuring software license compliance.

Latest features!

  1. Fantastic graphing and drill down facilities
  2. Audits all current Windows versions including Windows Vista
  3. Audits Windows7,8,10 & 2012
  4. Easy stand-alone auditing of disconnected PC's
  5. Export customised inventory reports to your favorite spreadsheet application and SQLServer/Access
  6. Two Installers - one for the server and one for the client machines...what could be simpler
  7. Because it is installed on the client it is great for remote pcs which are not always online...they will update the server as soon as the user goes online.

Knowledge Base

systemhound v7

Comprehensive online documentation for systemhound is available on this site. To view all documents catalogued under systemhound click <** here **>. Alternatively use the search facility on the left of this page.

For first time users the following documents should be read to gain a quick understanding of systemhound:

  1. Walkthrough of first install systemhound
  2. Deployment Strategy systemhound
  3. Deploying systemhound Client using Active Directory

Other Versions

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